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Welcome to Shift for Health. 

It's so nice to meet you! 

Hey there. I’m Rebecca. I’m a certified health coach, yoga teacher, wife, mom of four and founder of Shift for Health. 

I help menopausal women understand what's happening in their bodies, what they can do about it, and how to implement new health and wellness strategies so that they can minimize disruptive menopause symptoms and feel like themselves again.

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Who I help

Whether you simply want to learn about what's coming or are already in the thick of the menopause transition, I'm here to support, educate, and coach you through it. 



I help women who are in the 5-15 year period of hormonal changes leading up to menopause. These hormonal changes impact every system of the body. This is a crucial time when education and support can make all the difference.



Technically speaking, menopause is the date that marks 12 months from a woman's final menstrual period. However, menopause symptoms can still negatively impact a woman's life even after her period has stopped. I'm here to help.


Post Menopause

As menopause symptoms decrease, I work with post-menopausal women to help them shift their health and wellness priorities and implement strategies to ensure heart and bone health for healthy aging and longevity.

How coaching works...

Ready to feel rested and hopeful, empowered and strong, calm and grounded, hopeful and happy?

Habit change is HARD to achieve on your own.  Especially when you’re overwhelmed by the impact of fluctuating hormones on your wellbeing, the demands of work and family, or the magnitude of change that’s needed.

 As a health coach, I understand your desire for change and how your brain is hardwired to keep you from changing. I help you navigate those sticky moments when change feels scary, or self-sabotage feels imminent.  I share the mental load by providing smart, efficient programming so you can devote all your brain space to actually implementing change in a realistic, sustainable way.  And I help you lay the groundwork so you can confidently continue your health journey without the need for coaching down the road.

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Work with me

Your journey to a healthier, happier menopause starts here. 

Private Health Coaching

One-on-one coaching via video chat to empower you with the information and strategies you need to mitigate or minimize your  menopause symptoms so you can feel like yourself again.

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Feeding Your Family eBook

Improve your health (and the health of your whole family) by cooking from-scratch food in smart, totally do-able, efficient and delicious ways. Co-authored with a Registered Dietician.

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Menopause 101

A 4-week online course covering everything you need to know about the menopause transition. Course includes expert interviews, live Q&A, and a private Instagram Community.

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Why Should You Work With a Health Coach? 


When I started telling my friends and family that I had decided to get my health coaching certification, the reaction typically went like this: “Wow!  Congratulations!  Soooooooo, um, what’s a health coach?”

So, what is a health coach?

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Damned if You Do, Damned if You Don't. 

Years ago I was habitually making choices that led to not feeling great in my body. I knew I could do better, but I also wasn’t feeling like I wanted to expend energy making needed changes (feeling empowered to make changes is hard when the outcome of your choices is low energy and poor sleep). Then I had a realization that changed everything: either way takes effort.

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Mayo Clinic Studies Benefits of Health Coaching 

Did you know that the Mayo Clinic did a study looking at the effectiveness of health coaching?  And what they found was pretty darn amazing!

“The primary aims of the study were to examine potential improvements in quality of life including physical, social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual functioning, as well as depressive symptoms and perceived stress levels.  The secondary aim was to examine the maintenance of potential improvements over time.”

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